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  1. 152

    Rails 2.3 extras

    A round of some of the smaller new feaures in Rails 2.3 to finish the short series on Rails 2.3.

    Tags: rails-23 active-record active-support

  2. 151

    Rack Middleware

    Rack middleware provides a way to filter a request and response in your application. We use it to modify the application's response body.

    Tags: rails-23 tools

  3. 150

    Rails Metal

    Rails Metal lets you bypass the normal Rails request process and speed up frequently called requests.

    Tags: rails-23 performance

  4. 149

    Rails Engines Other translations: De

    Rails 2.3 has most of the Rails Engine plugin built in. Find out how to embed one application into another.

    Tags: rails-23 plugins

  5. 148

    App Templates in Rails 2.3

    We often have to go through a number of steps to set up a new Rails application the way we like it. Find out how to automate the process with the new App Templates in Rails 2.3.


  6. 147

    Sortable Lists

    Find out how to create a drag and drop list using prototype and one of Rails’ helper methods.

    Tags: active-record plugins ajax routing

  7. 143

    PayPal Security

    Find out how to encrypt the data to send to PayPal and verify the authenticity of Instant Payment Notifications.

    Tags: tools security e-commerce

  8. 142

    PayPal Notifications

    PayPal's Instant Payment Notification can be used to tell your app when an order is processed. See how it can be used to mark a cart as purchased.

    Tags: tools e-commerce

  9. 141

    PayPal Basics

    The first of a series about dealing with taking payments on your site. Here we show you how to use PayPal to take payments from your cart.

    Tags: tools e-commerce

  10. 138

    I18n Other translations: It

    Internationalization was one of the big additions to Rails 2.2. We'll show you how to start using it in this episode.

    Tags: rails-22 views