Recent Episodes

  1. 192

    Authorization with CanCan Other translations: Es It Pt

    CanCan is a simple authorization plugin that offers a lot of flexibility. Find out how to use it in this episode.

    Tags: authorization plugins

  2. 191

    Mechanize Other translations: Es Cn It

    Mechanize extends Nokogiri, allowing you to interact with websites, filling in forms and clicking links.

    Tags: tools

  3. 190

    Screen Scraping With Nokogiri Other translations: Es Cn It

    Using Nokogiri and SelectorGadget together makes screen-scraping easy.

    Tags: tools

  4. 189

    Embedded Association Other translations: Cn It

    In this episode we show you how to embed a one-to-many or many-to-many association in a single integer field.

    Tags: active-record views

  5. 188

    Declarative Authorization Other translations: Cn Es

    Declarative authorization provides an advanced and powerful solution for role-based authorization

    Tags: administration authorization plugins

  6. 187

    Testing Exceptions Other translations: Cn

    Even well tested code can sometimes raise exceptions. In this episode we show you how to be notified about this and how to resolve these errors by making use of integration tests.

    Tags: testing debugging

  7. 186

    Pickle With Cucumber

    Pickle adds a number of convenient Cucumber steps for generating models. Learn how to use Cucumber's table diffs as well.

    Tags: testing plugins

  8. 185

    Formtastic Part 2 Other translations: Tr Es

    In this episode we cover some of Formtastic's more advanced features, including its handling of many-to-many relationships, required fields and styling.

    Tags: forms views plugins

  9. 184

    Formtastic Part 1 Other translations: Tr Es

    Formtastic provides a concise way to generate form views. In the first part of this two-part series we use it to generate a simple form and a more complex, customised one.

    Tags: forms plugins views

  10. 183

    Gemcutter & Jeweler

    Gemcutter is a new service for hosting Ruby Gems. Jeweler is a gem that provides an automated way to release versions of a gem.

    Tags: tools