Recent Episodes

  1. 172

    Touch and Cache Other translations: Cn

    Rails 2.3.3 has a new feature called 'touch'. In this episode we use it to auto-expire associated caches.

    Tags: performance caching rails-23

  2. 171

    Delayed Job Other translations: Cn

    The delayed_job plugin provides an excellent way of getting long running tasks running in the background.

    Tags: plugins

  3. 170

    OpenID With Authlogic

    This episode extends the appication built in episode 160 and shows how to add OpenID support to a Ralis application that uses Authlogic.

    Tags: authentication plugins

  4. 169

    Dynamic Page Caching Other translations: Cn It

    Use a combination of page caching and JavaScript to create a fast cached page that can still be updated dynamically.

    Tags: caching performance ajax administration

  5. 168

    Feed Parsing Other translations: Cn

    In this episode we use two different techniques to parse an RSS feed with Feedzirra.

    Tags: plugins active-record

  6. 167

    More on Virtual Attributes Other translations: Cn

    Make use of virtual attributes and callbacks to implement tagging in a blogging application.

    Tags: models forms

  7. 166

    Metric Fu

    Metric Fu is a compliation of tools that help you find the places in your code that need improvement. See what they have to say about the Railscasts codebase.

    Tags: tools testing

  8. 165

    Edit Multiple Other translations: Cn

    Select multiple records with checkboxes and edit them all on one form. Find out how to use virtual attributes to update values relatively.

    Tags: forms views routing

  9. 164

    Cron in Ruby

    Cron does a great job of handling recurring tasks, but the syntax is a little tricky. This episode shows you how to use Whenever to write cron jobs in Ruby instead.

    Tags: tools plugins

  10. 163

    Self Referential Association Other translations: Cn

    In this episode we create a small social networking application and use a self-referential association to link users with their friends.

    Tags: active-record controllers