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  1. 136

    jQuery Other translations: Cn It

    In this episode we recreate the AJAX form submission we did back in episode 43 but with jQuery instead of Prototype and RJS.

    Tags: ajax controllers views

  2. 135

    Making a Gem

    Gems are now a more popular way of extending Rails than plugins. In this episode we go through the steps needed to create a basic gem.

    Tags: plugins active-record tools

  3. 134

    Paperclip Other translations: Cn It Pl

    Paperclip makes it easy to add attachments to a model. Find out how in this episode.

    Tags: plugins

  4. 44

    Debugging RJS Other translations: It

    RJS and AJAX can be difficult to debug, especially when the browser doesn't show an error message. Find out how to trace through your AJAX calls in this episode.

    Tags: ajax tools debugging

  5. 43

    AJAX with RJS Other translations: It

    Learn how to use RJS to generate JavaScript that will update multiple elements on a page.

    Tags: ajax

  6. 33

    Making a Plugin Other translations: It

    Duplication can often be removed from your Ruby code by making methods dynamically. In this episode we make a plugin to do just that.

    Tags: active-record plugins

  7. 32

    Time in Text Field Other translations: It

    Updating time fields via a series of dropdowns isn't the most elegant way to enter date and time information. Find out how to allow your users to enter dates and time in a text field instead.

    Tags: active-record forms

  8. 31

    Formatting Time Other translations: It Fr

    Use Ruby's strftime method to format dates and take advantage of Rails DATE_FORMATS hash to store custom date formats.

    Tags: active-support views

  9. 30

    Pretty Page Title Other translations: It

    It's easy to avoid giving each page in your Rails applications its own title. Here we'll show you an easy way to do it.

    Tags: views refactoring

  10. 29

    group_by Month Other translations: It

    The group_by method can be used to group lists of items for display in your Rails apps.

    Tags: views active-support