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  1. 162

    Tree Based Navigation

    The acts_as_tree plugin provides a good solution for handling a tree-based navigation. In this episode we build a navigation system with menus, subpages and a breadcrumb control.

    Tags: active-record plugins

  2. 161

    Three Profiling Tools

    Find out what your Rails application is doing under the hood with New Relic RPM, FiveRuns TuneUp and Rack::Bug.

    Tags: tools performance

  3. 160

    Authlogic Other translations: Es

    Authentication can become very complex. This episode shows how to use Authlogic to handle this complexity while keeping control over what is presented to the user.

    Tags: authentication plugins

  4. 159

    More on Cucumber

    There's more to Cucumber than was shown in episode 155. Learn how to refactor complex scenarios in this episode.

    Tags: testing tools

  5. 158

    Factories Not Fixtures Other translations: He

    Fixtures can make tests brittle and difficult to read. A better alternative is to use factories to create the necessary objects.

    Tags: testing tools

  6. 157

    RSpec Matchers and Macros

    Improve readability and remove duplication in RSpec by making use of matchers and macros.

    Tags: testing tools

  7. 156


    Using Webrat allows you to write integration tests in Ruby, rather than in English as you would with Cucumber.

    Tags: testing tools plugins

  8. 155

    Beginning With Cucumber Other translations: Cn

    Cucumber is a testing framework that lets you develop with Behaviour-Driven Development. We develop a new application using BDD in this episode.

    Tags: testing tools plugins

  9. 154

    Polymorphic Association Other translations: Cn

    Polymorphic associations can be a little tricky to understand. In this episode we'll show you how to create one and use it in controllers and views.

    Tags: active-record routing

  10. 153

    PDFs With Prawn

    With Prawn and Prawnto you can easily generate PDF files in your Rails application.

    Tags: plugins