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  1. 182

    Cropping Images Other translations: Cn

    In this episode we create a slick user interface for cropping images using Paperclip and JCrop.

    Tags: plugins

  2. 181

    Include vs Joins Other translations: Cn It

    The find method’s include and joins options can be a little confusing as they are so similar. Find out when to use which one in this episode.

    Tags: active-record

  3. 180

    Finding Unused CSS Other translations: Cn It

    As websites change stylesheets can become filled with unused selectors. The Deadweight gem helps to determine which ones can be removed.

    Tags: plugins

  4. 179

    Seed Data Other translations: Cn

    Rails 2.3.4 introduces a new convention for creating any seed data that your application needs. This means that you no longer have to put seed data in your migrations.

    Tags: active-record rails-23

  5. 178

    Seven Security Tips Other translations: Cn

    Security is paramount in your Rails applications. Here we show seven commons security flaws from mass assignment to CSRF.

    Tags: security forms views active-record

  6. 177

    Model Versioning Other translations: Cn

    If you need to keep track of the changes to an ActiveRecord model and switch between versions the Vestal Versions gem is well worth considering.

    Tags: active-record plugins

  7. 176


    Searchlogic uses named scopes to make searching against models simple. See how to create simple and more complex searches in this episode.

    Tags: active-record plugins

  8. 175

    AJAX History and Bookmarks Other translations: Cn

    AJAX-enabled sites do not usually play well with bookmarking or the brower's page history. In this episode we fix that with a simple jQuery plugin.

    Tags: ajax plugins

  9. 174

    Pagination With AJAX Other translations: Cn

    Use jQuery to add unobtrusive JavaScript links to a paginated list.

    Tags: ajax views

  10. 173

    Screen Scraping With ScrAPI

    Screen scraping is sometimes the only way to get data from another website. This episode uses scrAPI to fetch prices from another site.

    Tags: plugins