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  1. 202

    Active Record Queries in Rails 3 Other translations: Cn De Es It

    Rails 3 introduces a new query interface for performing finds in Active Record. See how it works along with the changes in named scopes.

    Tags: rails-30 active-record

  2. 201

    Bundler Other translations: Es Cn De It Fr

    Bundler is the way to manage gem dependencies in Rails 3.0. Learn how to install gems and lock them down in this episode.

    Tags: rails-30 plugins

  3. 200

    Rails 3 Beta and RVM Other translations: Es De It Fr

    Get started with the first Rails 3.0 beta and install Ruby 1.9.1 using the Ruby Version Manager, RVM. Also a challenge on giving back to Open Source.

    Tags: rails-30

  4. 199

    Mobile Devices Other translations: Es Fr It

    In this episode we change the look and behavior of a Rails app on mobile devices and use jQTouch to build a native-looking interface.

    Tags: views controllers plugins

  5. 198

    Edit Multiple Individually Other translations: Es It

    se checkboxes to edit multiple records in one form, where each one has an individual set of form fields.

    Tags: views forms

  6. 197

    Nested Model Form Part 2 Other translations: Es It Fr Cn

    Add and remove nested model fields dynamically through JavaScript using either Prototype or jQuery.

    Tags: forms views

  7. 196

    Nested Model Form Part 1 Other translations: Es It Fr Cn

    The accepts_nested_attributes_for method, introduced in Rails 2.3, makes handling multiple models in a form much easier. Find out how to use it in this episode.

    Tags: forms views active-record

  8. 195

    Favourite Web Apps in 2009 Other translations: Es It

    In this episode we show you some of the best web applications o 2009 for Ruby developers.

    Tags: tools

  9. 194

    MongoDB and MongoMapper Other translations: Pt Es Cn It

    MongoDB is a document-based database engine. Learn how to use it in Rails application with Mongomapper in this episode.

    Tags: models plugins

  10. 193

    Tableless Model Other translations: Es Cn It

    If you want to create a model without an associated database table all you need to do is define a couple methods in the model.

    Tags: active-record